Happy 2017

Wishing you the best for 2017. Some minor touch-ups to the site for the new year, moved the header and Google ad so more usable area (screen real estate) shows. Modern screens are wider and show less vertical area.

i added Reddit to the chooser (graphic menu on the top right) and made the Google Search a little smaller. Honestly, these days the top bar that shows where you are is a search engine, one is not even needed. Just type what you’re searching for in there!
Which means there’s no logical reason to start your web browser with Google – none. I’ve tried for decades to provide a start page that has all the common websites and emails people go right there, one click away. Plus news and local info like the District Office and banks here in your town.  Feel free to set www.fortstjames.com as your Start Page and save time.

I moved the Google ad so it wouldn’t be so obtrusive but still visible. At a paltry penny for every time a viewer clicks on it, the hundred bucks Google pays every year or so is better than all the money from local people and businesses this site has earned in nineteen years. It almost covers the hosting cost.

@fsjames.com? I’m making a new policy for emails @fsjames.com. Long-time users and seniors only. I don’t want to force anyone to switch their mail after almost 20 years but only seniors will be offered new freemail accounts @fsjames.com and @fortstjames.com.
Really, it’s a free mail service so you only get very limited space and you have to manage with that. If you can’t handle that get another free email from some billion dollar company, don’t bitch at a pensioner he’s not giving you enough for free. That’s a bit rude, don’t you think?

That being said, I will continue this site to promote our town and try to improve it as a hobby in my spare time.  It’s still among the top in searches. If you wish to help, some pictures, videos and local stories would be nice and any contributed will get credited to you.  If you wish support the idea, or for using the freemail or phone call help, you can by Interac email to admin@fortstjames.com.