Now Area250

Welcome to Rick’s Area250 Computer Services

The domains, and the e-mail domain are now hosted and maintained by me, DBA as Area250 Computer Services.

The Colonel and I on our new adventures

Retired. But only retired from selling things. Buy I’ve been here far too long to just go away….

I still fix computers!

Need your computer repaired? Need advice on computers or Internet related things? Need to be shown how to do something,  I still do that, just call and I come to you instead of you having to go anywhere.

See my services site at


call or text me at 4008.

Goodbye cruel world!

He’s coming to GET you, Barbara…


He’s coming to GET you…

Klatu barada necktie and all that. Remember how our community stood shoulder to shoulder an fought off the zombie hordes? How we worked together to explode those Martian heads with the three day Cottonwood Music Festival, how the high school basketball team ambushed and help defend the beaches at Cottonwood Park from those landing craft full of North Korean and Albanian shock troops?

The empty hallways of Sowchea School now stand as testament to those brave children and teachers the aliens spirited away To Serve Man.